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Not dysfunctional, but deliberate (Pt 2)

The idea that Hong Kong young people are driven to the streets purely by too many Mainlanders/not enough housing is simplistic and insulting – they are resisting CCP threats to their city’s freedoms. But on-one can deny that rising inequality … Continue reading

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It’s not dysfunctional – it’s deliberate (Pt 1)

All of a sudden, it seems Hong Kong needs a ‘fresh start’. Officials who, a few weeks ago, were trying to destroy the barriers protecting the city from Chinese Communist Party-style justice have miraculously transformed into contrite and reflective semi-innocents. … Continue reading

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Twilight of the spineless

Hong Kong’s most morbid pastime is ‘Guess the Next Chief Executive’. Today the spotlight turns on Secretary for Propping Up Sunset Industries Edward Yau, who is dashing, sophisticated and oozing charisma. They could appoint a garoupa and it wouldn’t make … Continue reading

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By ‘easing tensions’ we mean ‘wetting ourselves’

It is instructive to watch the Hong Kong government in damage limitation and disaster-recovery mode. See a real live democratic deficit in action, up close! More to the point, you get to find out just how mediocre Beijing’s chosen local … Continue reading

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Ronny Tong’s amazing idea

The extensive autopsy of Carrie Lam’s really-meaning-it-this-time apology yesterday is a fantasy-substitute for carving up the Chief Executive’s actual corpse. Discuss. Best not watch it – and just skim the story. She had to simultaneously: align any core message with … Continue reading

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Spin-doctoring through the ages

It’s another sign of the deterioration of governance – Hong Kong leaders can’t even do Panic-Stricken Crisis Disaster Freak-Out Failures properly any more. Back in 2003, after the massive march against Article 23 security laws, Tung Chee-hwa and his top … Continue reading

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Carrie notices something

How big was the oh-please-do-we-really-need-another-march yesterday? To put estimates of the turnout in perspective, the entire population of Hong Kong Island is around 1.4 million. I don’t know if it is physically possible for that many people to squeeze into … Continue reading

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The case for blaming Carrie, if you want

I’m hearing more insistence (not just from the Chinese ambassador in the UK) that Carrie Lam herself alone instigated the extradition idea. The word, genuinely believed in officialdom, is that she was overcome with emotion upon reading pleas from the … Continue reading

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The tear gas gets to Carrie

If I were Carrie Lam, I would cry too. Yesterday’s short but intense mini-Occupy confirms the Law of Diminishing Puppets – that each Hong Kong Chief Executive appointed by Beijing is a bigger disaster than the previous one. We should … Continue reading

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Nothing happening today

You would have thought that any government official passing through Central this morning would notice that 50% of young people are wearing black T-shirts – and think hmmm I wonder if maybe something’s up. Instead, our visionary bureaucrats are in … Continue reading

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