CY runs out of butterflies

With no soul, and no capacity to feel happiness or joy, former Chief Executive CY Leung must be one of the most miserable people in Hong Kong. The nearest he comes to experiencing emotional fulfillment is when he is pulling the wings off butterflies. Failing that, he uses Facebook to ‘shame’ companies with the temerity to advertise in the anti-Communist Apple Daily.

CY proclaims himself to be disgusted by an article that (quite viciously) attacked a prominent pro-Beijing businessman who had died just days before. Coming from someone impartial and compassionate – a nun, say – this claim to moral outrage might be halfway convincing. Coming from a full-blown supporter/member of the thuggish Leninist CCP, it’s opportunistic and hypocritical, and indeed compounds the disrespect for the deceased shoe-shiner.

Despite (or maybe because of) his pitiful attempts to remain useful, CY will one day find that the Communist Party is dispensing with him. Maybe his over-eagerness will become too much of an embarrassment (as it did when he was CE), or shifting circumstances will leave him kowtowing to the wrong faction, or his value will simply fade and expire. If he’s lucky, he will be tossed away and forgotten. But there’s always a chance that he will come to a stickier end – purged, scapegoated, falsely accused or denounced. In which case, he will receive the CCP’s finest reserved-for-its-own kick in the teeth. Maybe such an honour will actually make him happy at last.

I declare the weekend open with some updates on the CCP’s latest contributions to civilization and progress. The NYT on how Beijing is sanitizing popular culture and infantilizing the nation. An attempt to gauge China’s ever-expanding internal security apparatus. The spread of Communist ideology in education (including some familiar-to-HK-sounding stuff on getting little kids to do flag-raising ceremonies). And a response to the school that has silenced Professor Xu Zhangrun, critic of all this creeping totalitarianism.

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