Carrie Lam is a lunatic, Standard reveals

Anthony Wu, former Hospitals Authority head and fully paid-up member of the Hong Kong Tycoon-Bureaucrat Mutual Lovey-Dovey Shoe-shine Pig Trough Appreciation Society, joins the calls to admit overseas-qualified doctors to relieve pressure on the healthcare system. The Standard’s editorial says not doing it is insane.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam dismisses the idea on the grounds that there is ‘no consensus’ – not in the community as a whole, but merely among the city’s few thousand medics.

What is exasperating about this (and this is perhaps why even some establishment voices are at odds with top officials) is that Carrie would see a real boost in her popularity if she declared that she would put the public interest first and went ahead and hired overseas-trained doctors – and to hell with the HK Medical Association. After the old-age welfare-cut fiasco, this is a woman who could seriously use better poll ratings.

All you have to do is: shut up, stop automatically screeching at critics that they are wrong, listen to what insightful (as in know-how-to-buy-toilet paper) people outside the government say (try a few focus groups), and then… Do What They Tell You. Blam – instant improved governance, with a happy population heaping praise upon you.

Sadly, Beijing’s requirement of ‘executive-led government’ means in practice ‘deliberately non-responsive anti-people policymaking’. It’s not just that you can’t have democracy, but you have to actively prove that you don’t have it through provocative and destructive decisions. It seems an angry populace is necessary to reassure the CCP that its puppet administration is in full control and not degenerating into some scary regime-toppling Western-style representativeness-thing.

More advice to our dim-witted administration – on fiscal matters – here.


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