The doctor will see you next week

HK Free Press reports a dazzling outburst of common sense from a public-sector employee. The public hospital doctor complains that the government is sending front-line medical staff on Mainland ‘national studies’ courses while hospitals are struggling to keep up with a seasonal flu outbreak. If true, it is an outrageous scandal/utterly unsurprising.

(These courses, typically a week long at a Mainland institute, are now routine for many Hong Kong middle-senior civil servants and other public-sector workers. By all accounts, they are condescending or preachy propaganda classes explaining the ‘correct’ versions of China’s development, the PRC constitution, foreign relations and other subjects. Mainland organizers tell participants not to divulge details.)

The doctor also calls for the government to take two steps to improve public hospital patient services. One is to directly hire doctors with (good-quality) overseas qualifications, rather than allow the local Medical Association to restrict the supply of skills through additional local professional exams. The other is to stop admitting so many Mainland immigrants, who are adding to the strain on the health system.

This newsworthy item confirms what many suspect – that there are, indeed, public servants with functioning brains. Obviously, this one is grossly unfit to progress to policymaking levels of government.

I wonder what the national affairs course will have to say about today’s big news – Uh-oh, we’re in trouble…

Something the lecturers probably don’t cover is the wondrous state of China’s housing market. Here is the Fascinating Statistic du Jour: in 1Q 2018, only 31% of households buying a residential property were buying their first unit; 44% were buying their second; and 25% were getting their third. (China’s housing market is magic: since private home ownership resumed in the 1980s, buyers have only seen property values rise, and this will continue for ever and ever.)

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