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Descent into the bowels of ridiculousness…

It’s bad enough that Hong Kong must be subsumed into a Leninist dictatorship. On top of that, the city is being dragged down to the depths of pathetic-ness. Movie-makers are convicted for possessing prop banknotes. The guy who heads the … Continue reading

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Starting to miss the good old honest ‘Belt and Road’ baloney

Is it just me, or has the ‘Belt and Road’ hype been dying down lately? One skeptic asks where the infrastructure-related trade flows are. Perhaps one problem, aside from the debt-trap/resources-grabs vibes, is that applying the label to anything anywhere overloads … Continue reading

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It wasn’t me, honest

My handwriting is better than this. Really. I like to think I would take the trouble to put it in Hangul, and phrase it more delicately. Stop looking at me like that. And on to the latest instalment of our series, … Continue reading

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Make way for the Mainlandization Express

Hong Kong’s Legislative Council passes the Express Rail Link co-location plan. The whole episode seems to be about setting precedents. First, it allows Mainland law enforcement to operate within the city – supposedly prohibited by the Basic Law. In this … Continue reading

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It was King and Gandhi’s fault

The Mongkok Riot was the most outrageous and frightening, civilization-threatening, decency-defying, wanton outbreak of violence in Hong Kong for half a century – but not important enough to warrant a commission of inquiry, oh no. Even the South China Morning … Continue reading

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‘Pro-dems also eat babies’ says CY

Former Chief Executive CY Leung blames insufficiently dictatorial government for Hong Kong’s housing crisis – specifically, an insufficiently dictatorial government in which he played a role. Not for the first time, CY’s desperate eagerness to support the Chinese Communist Party’s … Continue reading

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Rule of Law ends at science parks

This countdown to the Kim-Trump meeting is reminiscent of long-ago hyped-up boxing clashes – the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, the ‘Thrilla in Manila’, and now (fingers crossed) the ‘Mega-bore in Singapore’. On the subject of fights, Hong Kong Chief Executive … Continue reading

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Welcome home

Just returned from Japan. Now methodically reading through all last week’s Hong Kong newspapers to see what I missed. I see the South China Morning Post’s top letter today is from dimwitted pro-Beijing legislator Holden Chow cheering the Greater Bay … Continue reading

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In case you missed them…

…an extra special helping of links ahead of my forthcoming inspection tour next week of a cooling, calm, soothing corner of Japan. In Hong Kong, the designation of a polluted pile of swampy mud (of vague Shenzhen-linked ownership) as a … Continue reading

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Beijing’s puppets do some racism

Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing lawmakers decide some xenophobia is in order. The New People’s Party’s Eunice Yung decides to attack brown people for cluttering up the city and causing hygiene problems. And her DAB colleagues warn that white judges newly appointed … Continue reading

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