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“…which destroys the wealth of these billionaires.”

This attention-grabbing, eye-catching, perhaps mouth-watering and heart-warming phrase appears at the conclusion of this (otherwise mainly-for-wonks) analysis by Victor Shih of how China’s Forthcoming Financial Armageddon Doomsday Disaster could come, if it ever does. It seems a highly unlikely scenario … Continue reading

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A reminder that no-one has a clue

Eeewww – pass the sick-bag… There is China coverage that we assume reflects what they want us to think. An example today is increasingly state-directed Alibaba’s owner Jack Ma’s South China Morning Post passing on blood-curdling revelations about Bo Xilai … Continue reading

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Xi unveils CCP’s new era of legitimacy

An empty vase makes the most noise. The grandiosity of the Chinese Communist Party Congress – heralding a New Era of Wondrous Socialism with Chinese Characteristics – is designed to mask a system that has run its course. The relatively … Continue reading

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If it’s Wednesday, it must be Snore-Fest Time

Exactly a week ago it was Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s snooze-inducing Policy Address. And today it’s Xi Jinping’s coronation as Core Chairman-for-Life of Everything. We are about to be hit by a non-stop wall-to-wall avalanche of coverage and … Continue reading

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Carrie can now ‘look Hongkongers in the face’

When London’s Buckingham Palace was bombed during World War II, Britain’s then-Queen supposedly said she was glad because she could ‘look the [heavily damaged port area] East End in the face’. Something sort-of/roughly/maybe-not-remotely similar has happened in Hong Kong. Our … Continue reading

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HK to form bigger blip on world’s radar

Expect a hurt, whiny, defensive, protesting-too-much press release later today as the Hong Kong government goes into a huff about international lawyers condemning Hong Kong’s declining rule of law, as reported here and here. Local officials are already embarrassed by … Continue reading

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Panda wets itself again

Even the pro-establishment Standard’s editorial raises an eyebrow at Wednesday’s exclusion from Hong Kong of the hitherto little-known, apparently mild-mannered British Conservative and Catholic human-rights campaigner and former Hong Kong resident Benedict Rogers. Optimistic readings of the ‘One Country Two … Continue reading

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Carrie’s Policy Address

And the numbers are in… Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s full Policy Address mentioned ‘Belt and Road’ 33 times, and ‘Bay Area’ 29 times. No wonder the lady read out an expurgated version to the Legislative Council. She also … Continue reading

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So much going on…

…what with Hong Kong sports fans giving the Chinese national anthem its due, while justice-loving citizens spring Mainland-tourist-killing feline hero Porsche aka Marble (or are lots of cats doing this now?) from jail. Just time for a couple of links … Continue reading

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Place your bets for CE Policy Address

Hong Kong is hyper-buzzing on tenterhooks in eager anticipation of Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s Policy Address tomorrow. The press dutifully encourage the excitement by reporting that it will be a shorter speech than was usual under her sinister and demonic … Continue reading

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