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Invasion of the Tiny Brokers

Hong Kong’s small stockbrokers are technologically backward, lack economies of scale and account for a declining share (now just 10%) of trading. It is hardly surprising that they oppose modern regulatory reforms that would keep the city’s market world-class – … Continue reading

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Still room for at least 40 million more

Hong Kong’s officials forecast tourist numbers will rise to over 60 million this year. Yet they whine that visitors are staying for ever-shorter periods. And publicly-subsidized Disneyland makes a loss yet again (HK$345 million – peanuts compared with the billions in … Continue reading

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Did some ironing over the holidays….

Hey, they’re only for the security guards. Note inspired use of 1990s-era Cathay Pacific first-class table napkin, for extra-auspicious festive good-fortune and prosperity vibes. A few links to unleash Dog Year… The UK’s Guardian applies its juvenile clueless trendy hip … Continue reading

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HK government continues spring-cleaning

Just time for Hong Kong to squeeze in a little more Mainlandization before the New Year festivities. A court rules that civil servants can bar a candidate from the ballot provided their telepathic induction is augmented with ‘cogent, clear and … Continue reading

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Today’s dumb idea…

Let’s push housing prices up even further by subsidizing buyers currently unable to afford homes. The proposer seems to think that earmarking proceeds from land/housing-based revenues for this purpose makes the idea elegant. But public money raised from any source would … Continue reading

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Fake interview

Posing as an applicant for the new post of Pilates Instructor, I sneaked into the South China Morning Post’s new headquarters over the weekend. As you would expect of a high-tech trendy company, the place offers a fitness zone (ping-pong … Continue reading

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Vatican joins CCP-worship cult

With Western companies like Mercedes, Marriott and Zara engaging in the most humiliating and unseemly Panda-groveling, perhaps we should not be too surprised to see a senior Catholic official effusively praising China. We might, however, raise an eyebrow at the … Continue reading

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Before Rooster Year ends…

As you start the New Year, so it will continue. That’s why people prepare for the festival by cleaning the house. It is particularly important for debtors to repay outstanding loans – or at least get their credit situation into … Continue reading

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The latest from Causeway Bay

The South China Morning Post announces its relocation to glamorous, high-tech, space-age new offices. The pictures suggest a James Bond villain’s secret headquarters built deep inside an island off an exotic coast in the Far East. But the description sounds … Continue reading

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What’s Singlish for ‘schadenfreude’?

Pro-Beijing sex-symbol Lau Siu-kai ponders the ideological tests Hong Kong has introduced out of nowhere in recent years to keep opposition activists off the ballot in elections. Yes, they are vague, he admits. Maybe you’ll be barred from running if … Continue reading

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