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The bright side: Winnie the Pooh still allowed in HK

By taking steps to ban the Hong Kong National Party, the Chinese/Hong Kong government has turned Andy Chan and his little pro-independence group into a big news item. Beijing and local officials are now criticizing the Foreign Correspondents Club for … Continue reading

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Anti-social climber

French climber Alain Robert is banned from scaling Hong Kong skyscrapers for 12 months on pain of a HK$1,000 fine. The nasty-minded skeptic and cynic in me wonders whether his punishment would be tougher if, instead of promoting awareness of … Continue reading

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Light ordered back under bushel

China’s government, media, think-tanks, tycoons, hyper-nationalist wumao and other organs of the party-state may have given the world the impression in recent years that the country is an economic, technological and military superpower – a developmental marvel blessed with a unique … Continue reading

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Government blinks in HKNP-squashing

The government gives the Hong Kong National Party a modest amount of extra time to prepare its case against being banned as an imminent threat to national security. Pro-Beijing lawyer Ronny Tong is probably right in guessing the authorities don’t … Continue reading

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Leninist logic to prove Andy Chan right

Andy Chan of the Hong Kong National Party will appear at the Foreign Correspondents Club in a couple of weeks to share his subversive thoughts on the possible future for Hong Kong as a nation. Guaranteed to go down like … Continue reading

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A Tai Kwun tour

A weekend stroll around the old Central Police Station/Victoria Prison compound – now open to the public, after HK$3 billion of work, as the Tai Kwun arts-heritage-hub-zone. The site’s primary role is to serve as a cultural venue, with the … Continue reading

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Weekend reading

Two complementary stories from the South China Morning Post warn of the dangers of believing your own censored, history-rewriting, lie-spinning, think-tank-banning, self-glorifying, philandering-Internet-czar-infested propaganda machine: Beijing reshuffles info/cyber bosses to improve the nation’s image, and how did China mis-read US … Continue reading

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New HK uni motto – “Don’t Bother”

The Chinese government’s Mainlandization of Hong Kong is clever – sufficiently incremental and wearing to avoid much outrage. The forthcoming ban of the HK National Party is the latest in a series of steps including the denial of registration and … Continue reading

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At your fingertips – best roller-skate route to Shatin

Finding a wad of taxpayers’ money lying around, the Hong Kong Transport Department decides to reinvent the wheel. Behold the HK-Mega-Smart-City eModeTravel-node App, which allows you to plan journeys around our bustling metropolis. One small drawback: it omits the schedule … Continue reading

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It’s rocky, says Rocky

Landlords will face ‘intense competition for tenants’ in some Hong Kong districts, as the increased supply of new apartments leads to a glut. Real-estate agent Rocky Wong warns that a 194-square-foot unit ‘may just go for about HK$10,000 a month’. … Continue reading

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