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Buggle in a muddle?

Has Buggle lost his mind? Buggle Lau, the Hong Kong media’s most reliable quote-provider on property issues, works for a real-estate agency. He therefore usually cheerfully proclaims that every day is a good day to buy an apartment or three. … Continue reading

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Farewell to Sammy’s

Like most people who for decades valued it as a landmark as much as a treasure of urban aesthetics, I lamented the disappearance of the famous Sammy’s Kitchen cow sign (OK, bull) a couple of years back. Now, the venerable … Continue reading

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And the government’s next fight with the public begins…

With the government’s lame legal case against Long Hair thrown out of court, and funding for a supposedly private action against two pro-democracy lawmakers mysteriously unavailable, Hong Kong’s cynics might detect a pattern: the Communist-psycho United Front team at the … Continue reading

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American soft power true threat to CCP

An anguished letter-writer to the South China Morning Post starts the week by needlessly complicating hostile foreign forces’ latest wanton attempt to undermine the Chinese Communist Party’s core leader and genius, Xi Jinping. The juxtaposition of a picture of Winnie-the-Pooh … Continue reading

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‘I never realized I was clueless’ – Carrie shock

A few months ago, Hongkongers were bemused by the obliviousness of the woman Beijing was choosing as their city’s next Chief Executive. Carrie Lam didn’t know how to use an MTR turnstile, and couldn’t work out how to buy toilet … Continue reading

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Some quick Thursday links

On Twitter this morning, someone quoting Lily Tomlin: “No matter how cynical you get, you just can’t keep up.” I think it’s Apple Daily that has started referring to the Mainland-jurisdiction ‘Port Area’ zone at West Kowloon high-speed rail station … Continue reading

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The search for Nirvana ends…

…in one of Hong Kong’s larger Marks and Spencer Food Halls. A humble monk walks in, clutching all his worldly possessions wrapped in simple cotton bags. He places them in a cart and slowly strolls down the aisle. He pays … Continue reading

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Carrie’s ‘warm and fuzzy’ – the first 4 weeks

As Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam nears the end of her first month in office, her hoped-for lovey-dovey unity and harmony with everyone isn’t turning out too well. Carrie’s hands are largely tied on the Oath-Gate purge-in-progress of opposition … Continue reading

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Jack Ma’s organ acts up again

While it would be an exaggeration to say that the South China Morning Post never ceases to amaze, the paper can sometimes raise eyebrows. The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Shirley Yam Column last week took readers aback – not … Continue reading

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Crystal Skye’s the limit

Interestingly, the South China Morning Post’s ‘disappearing Shirley Yam column’ story hasn’t attracted much attention outside Hong Kong, at least as yet. Maybe it’s because – unlike the Asia Society censorship affair – there’s no US angle. But maybe it’s … Continue reading

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