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A future for Agnes on the golf course?

After delaying moves towards representative government in Hong Kong for years, Beijing is now obviously moving the city away from it. The older pan-democrats are toothless and have nothing to add to their traditional pleas-and-marches. The younger radicals scare the … Continue reading

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Liaison Office gets subtle

Maybe there is a method to the Liaison Office’s obsessive micro-tweaking of opposition candidates’ access to the Hong Kong Legislative Council by-election ballot. Or they are making it up as they go along. Either way, Edward Yiu passes the ideological … Continue reading

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HK’s executive-led government in practice

For a decade or two, Beijing officials and apologists have maintained that Hong Kong is an ‘economic city not a political one’. While people still had faith in ‘One Country Two Systems’, the Basic Law and other apparent commitments, this … Continue reading

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HK’s disgraceful older generation

The South China Morning Post’s regular columnists obsessively demonize Hong Kong’s student and other young activists. Obviously, the pro-Beijing paper does not pay them to churn out positive commentary on idealists defending their city from the Communist Party’s tightening grip. … Continue reading

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Putting the ‘RC’ in ‘PRC’

Foreign businesses have a hard time in nationalistic, mercantilist China’s market. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg grovels with vomit-inducing displays of Mandarin proficiency and Xi Jinping’s collected works; Marriott Hotels suffers an attack of obsessive-compulsive panda-sucking; Donald Trump tries to help by … Continue reading

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Mid-week links

We’ll alight from the ‘Sick of Teresa Cheng’ bandwagon today to make room for all the pro-Beijing loyalist and shoe-shiner lawmakers clambering aboard. (If the Liaison Office spin-doctors were really clever, this would be a cunning way to boost the … Continue reading

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Now it’s Miffy-Gate…

An eruption of Peeved Panty-wetting Panda Petulance, as Beijing insists the US is the main threat to global trade and is forcing it to militarize the South China Sea. This is the same regime that has picked Teresa Cheng as … Continue reading

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Cheng-gate moves to Repulse Bay

The Chinese Communist Party’s greatest gift to its Hong Kong opponents this year keeps on giving. That’s new Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng, of course. In a just-after-midnight-on-Sunday press release, Cheng announces that the illegal structures at her Tuen Mun house … Continue reading

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Rejoice – it’s just Leninism-lite!

In the interests of making this a happy Friday, a reminder that Hong Kong’s growing authoritarianism is a very watered-down version of what the Mainland is going through in Xi Jinping’s rectification campaign. Obviously, if this were the Mainland, there … Continue reading

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World’s most famous Hongkonger in headlines again

Determined to work more on youth development in Hong Kong, the Chinese Communist Party has enlisted Joshua Wong to play a key role in boosting the nation’s international ‘soft power’ charm offensive, promoting the reputation of the city’s legal system, … Continue reading

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