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More integration win-win baloney

A former Chinese official declares that Hong Kong and Shanghai should build a common capital market with lots of partnership, cooperation, win-win and serving the nation. A quick reminder about these two cities. One has a free flow of capital (and … Continue reading

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Greater Bay Area cooperation boost for Hong Kong

Hong Kong authorities apparently being powerless to do anything about non-Financial Times staff coming through immigration control… Travel agencies across Guangdong have been ordered to halt all one-day trips to Hong Kong and Macau on weekends via the cross-border bridge … Continue reading

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Some mid-week links for another rainy day…

The South China Morning Post has a good info-graphic thing illustrating the development of Shenzhen alongside Hong Kong since the late 1970s. But sadly, they don’t seem to able to wedge it onto their website. So instead, here’s a video … Continue reading

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‘…curves of clavicles visible underneath black-silk dressing gowns’

Having seen The Devil Wears Prada, I thought I knew everything about the fashion industry. But even with such an expert level of knowledge, I didn’t realize just how much this peculiarly fatuous business has its head up its own … Continue reading

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HK voters choose correct candidate this time

One of Hong Kong’s most depressingly morose-looking pan-democrats, Lee Cheuk-yan, loses to pro-Beijing groomed stooge Rebecca Chan in a Legislative Council by-election. He would have lost even with the votes that went to aging moderate spoiler-candidate pan-dem Frederick Fung. The … Continue reading

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So what makes a Hongkonger a pro-Beijinger?

Why would a reasonable and intelligent person declare loyalty to an organization that, among other things, requires its followers to give up their own freedom of expression and recite the Party line, however irrational or extreme it might be? It’s … Continue reading

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RIP much-loved crazed, hate-spewing wacko

Lau Nai-keung, CCP hyper-loyalist and spite-filled tormentor of Hong Kong’s ‘dissidents’, dies. Few writing in English paid him much attention (forgivably), so I will dig up a few old bits and pieces by way of a eulogy… …what the SCMP gives us … Continue reading

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China vs World on who is at crossroads

China’s Chairman of Everything-for-Life Xi Jinping does not warmly encourage challenging debate about his government’s policies. But in recent months, a few dissenting voices – economists, a former official, Deng Xiaoping’s son – have been making themselves heard. The latest, … Continue reading

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Pitiable plutocrats in patriotism, profits panic

A mildly amusing but telling moment in Mainlandization today. Hong Kong’s Liberal Party – which despite its name represents entitled hereditary business owners in parasite/cartelized industries – was going to propose a motion in the Legislative Council calling on the … Continue reading

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Overtime cancelled for government spin-doctors

And so, at last, the trial of the ‘Umbrella Nine’ begins. Here’s the full background, including links to a legal explainer and much else. There’s probably never an ideal moment to try to throw a peaceful 74-year-old clergyman in prison, … Continue reading

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