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Germans catch Hong Kong disease

It seems Hong Kong is not alone in suffering the Einkaufstourist – or locust – plague: ‘…they make Konstanz’s multiple branches of the DM toiletries chain absolute hell, lining up a half-dozen deep, their shopping carts overflowing with organic toothpaste, … Continue reading

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Got your sick-bag ready?

Pass the air-motion discomfort receptacle! Putrid Crawly Creepo-Grovel Shoe-shine of the Day Award goes to this. Eeeeewwwww… Hong Kong Chief Executive-in-waiting Carrie Lam’s platform is essentially ‘Same as before, but with more committees’. More ‘shortage of land’, pricier homes, higher … Continue reading

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A quick word of support for the SCMP

Unless it is Apple Daily or an independent online channel unrecognized by officialdom, a Hong Kong news outlet is a pro-establishment news outlet. It will be owned by a businessman with commercial interests locally and, more to the point, in … Continue reading

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The CCP’s warm-and-fuzzy problem

The Chinese Communist Party’s inability to be even vaguely pleasant is one of life’s great mysteries, at least to some of us. The South China Morning Post’s political editor certainly finds it a puzzle. Why, he asks today, has Beijing … Continue reading

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Fake ritualized drivel update

Which is the most inane, contrived or purely pointless drivel to come out of this year’s NPC/CPPCC gatherings so far? We’ve got Communist Party Bureaucrat Guy wondering if Hong Kong has too many white-skinned devils as judges. There’s Patriotic Rail … Continue reading

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And so a busy couple of weeks come dribbling to an end. The next week or two will probably, by contrast, be relatively quiet, as Hong Kong’s political ‘heavyweights’, co-opted tycoons, pro-Beijing shoe-shiners, Communist-worshipping zombies and all-purpose human annoyances go … Continue reading

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Hilariously Funny Headline of the Day Award…

…is a tie:

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Letter to the editor

Just received, worth passing on during this week’s interlude: I think things are becoming very interesting in this rigged CE selection. I don’t think Beijing has as much control over the Election Committee [as] it likes to have … the … Continue reading

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A quick link…


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The Manifesto

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive-select Carrie Lam officially launches her election Manifesto today. Even by the standards of pointless, half-hearted, vacuous platforms for rigged elections, it will be stunningly insipid. It will make a Donald Tsang Policy Address look exciting and … Continue reading

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