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CY runs out of butterflies

With no soul, and no capacity to feel happiness or joy, former Chief Executive CY Leung must be one of the most miserable people in Hong Kong. The nearest he comes to experiencing emotional fulfillment is when he is pulling … Continue reading

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Reports Week

In the Japanese system of 72 micro-seasons, this week is when ‘Sparrows Start to Nest’ gives way to ‘First Cherry Blossoms’. This ancient calendar originated in China, where this time of the year is now known as ‘Bad Surveys of … Continue reading

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Shock as HK government listens, makes concession

Who says the Hong Kong government never listens? Officials show their caring and understanding side today as they drop nine economic crimes from the proposed new extradition arrangements. The lucky beneficiaries of this uncharacteristic sensitivity to external opinion are business-folk, … Continue reading

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Reds under the PTA

Pro-democrat Lee Wing-tat says 40 Communist Party members are among the 150 immigrants per day Hong Kong must must must accept  from China. Everyone assumes as much. In her 2010 book Underground Front – The Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong, … Continue reading

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Some rays of sunshine

As befits a day of dank, swirling mists, the markets open with a fall. Everyone suddenly notices that the global economy is running out of steam. Policymakers, after straining for years to raise interest rates from zero to slightly above … Continue reading

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It’s Friday

I declare the weekend open with a selection of just five links, four of which will statistically be of no interest to the average reader, while the other will fascinate. For fans of the worthy but dry, a rebuttal of … Continue reading

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Carrie impresses

Impressive Contortions of the Week Award goes to Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam as she twists and turns in trying to push through a revamped Mainland extradition system. Her officials are still using an alleged murder by a Hongkonger … Continue reading

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What you could do with HK$624 billion

The government announces its official estimated cost for the Lantau Tomorrow Mega-Vision Reclamation Concept. The sum is absurdly precise – why 624 billion, as opposed to 625, 620 or 630? Or 600-700? The South China Morning Post calculates that you … Continue reading

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Digital news media time-efficiency breakthrough

Working [sic] from home today, so perusing the online rather than print version of the South China Morning Post. The recent website redesign is cleaner and less cluttered-looking – but most of all, it is a major time-saver. Although the … Continue reading

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‘Being obnoxious makes you unpopular’ shock claim

We last heard of Professor Zhang Qianfan a month ago, after Mainland censors ‘disappeared’ his textbook on constitutional law as Western Threat of the Week. He now appears in Hong Kong, suggesting that Beijing’s tightening control over the city is … Continue reading

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