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If you think HK’s opposition has it bad…

While the Chinese Communist Party is increasingly targeting Hong Kong’s radical and pan-democrat opposition, life for the city’s pro-Beijing loyalists isn’t getting any easier. Delegates to the nation’s rubber-stamp NPC and CPPCC are under orders to start taking their status-symbol … Continue reading

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Beijing grapples with bogey man

There was a time when ‘Hong Kong independence’ didn’t exist. So Chinese officials had to  invent it. Chief Executive-at-the-time CY Leung highlighted the little-known concept as a looming danger in a policy address three years ago. If the plan was to … Continue reading

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HK art bureaucrats’ joke actually works

Few people were lucky enough to be in on Hong Kong’s best April Fool’s joke – I hope I am not spoiling the fun by sharing it now. The elaborate prank was an exclusive preview of a soon-to-open art gallery … Continue reading

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Usual free VIP pass fails to materialize

Hong Kong is about to undergo its annual overload of cultural commerce, as Art Basel – the world’s largest arts fair – opens its 2018 Hong Kong ‘edition’. The MOMA-cum-Walmart show is more exhausting than stimulating. Being popular among the general … Continue reading

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Arise, ye who don’t want to be fined HK$50,000

Hong Kong is an experiment in what happens when a modern pluralist society is taken over by a Leninist-Confucian dictatorship. The results so far range from injustice to idiocy to irony – and now along comes the imposition of a … Continue reading

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Never a dull moment…

Donald Trump appoints laugh-a-minute Neo-con parody act John Bolton as National Security Advisor, and announces mega-tariffs on Chinese trade. Presumably, the idea is that with someone in the White House apparently intent on nuking Iran, North Korea and the UN, … Continue reading

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Carrie administers dose of positive energy

Imagine that someone in Beijing gives Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam a kick up the backside about boosting ‘social harmony’ in the city. Instinctively capable at implementing anything without question, she sets to it. The lady personally declares a … Continue reading

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One-party rule is wonderful wonderful wonderful

Among the many excitements at the ‘two meetings’, Tam Yiu-chung replaced Rita Fan as Hong Kong’s Supreme Principal pro-Beijing Heavyweight-in-Chief (in technical terminology, he was ‘elected’ to the National People’s Congress Standing Committee). The role of Heavyweight involves making vaguely … Continue reading

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‘Two Meetings’ not fun any more

China’s top leader Xi Jinping delivers his grand speech to mark the end of the ‘two meetings’ in Beijing. Somewhere out there in the sea of faces in the Great Hall of the People are several dozen Hong Kong delegates … Continue reading

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HK Mainlandization approaches the unthinkable

An update on the Hong Kong government’s extreme attempts to imprison pro-democracy activists, notably by ‘aggressively appealing non-custodial sentences’. With China now following a ‘Stalin-model centralization of power and suppression of dissent’, the city will be seeing more repression. Disrespecting … Continue reading

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