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The anti-independence frenzy gets sophisticated

While Hong Kong’s student radicals are taking a break before moving on to the next scurrilous Outrage-the-Communists gimmick, the ponderous, officially contrived Great Campus Independence-Poster Mouth-Froth enters its next stage. Behold the Wow-So-Nuanced-‘Discussion-Not-Propaganda’-Angle. According to this finely crafted logic-mangling, you … Continue reading

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Oh, and he’s got a new book out…

Hong Kong’s last British governor Chris Patten hits town. (His modern-day counterpart Chief Executive Carrie Lam dons an unspeakable blue jacket and visits the UK to hobnob with even earlier colonial relics – including an eerily preserved Lydia Dunn.) For … Continue reading

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Carrie Lam rejoices, nearly 5% through her term

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam is finalizing her 2017 Policy Address (yes, it’s the second this year – predecessor CY Leung moved the vacuous ritual to January, and she is returning it to October). She will offer measures in … Continue reading

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Coming soon: The West Kowloon Confiscating Drugs Absurdity

The poster advertising ‘Road to Ultra’ didn’t work on me, so I wasn’t at the West Kowloon music festival last weekend. As well as the unappealing advertising, it was one of those peculiar events where you get DJs instead of … Continue reading

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Carrie does Burma

As Mainlandizing-rectification continues, Hong Kong’s leaders will increasingly be forced to shed their cherished World City image and adopt a more defensive and ‘anti-Western’ public stance. Domestically, we already see the supposedly multicultural city’s British-trained top officials awkwardly embracing Beijing’s … Continue reading

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HK govt tries to get Internet thing, again

According to a friend of a friend of a friend, Chief Executive Carrie Lam recently hosted a casual, off-the-record gathering for selected members of the press. At one stage, an executive from TVB angrily banged the table and told Carrie … Continue reading

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A brief touch-down on Planet Earth

Just time for a quick, freakish and nightmarish glimpse of reality to intrude today. A shadowy Mainland conglomerate that no-one seems to own wonders how to cover the US$3.5 billion it blew on some Hong Kong land earlier this year, … Continue reading

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Shut up, or this is what will happen to you

China’s big and tough, self-confident authorities ban Wu Rongrong, one of the high-profile ‘five feminists’, from leaving the country to study overseas (in supposedly-part-of-the-motherland Hong Kong, as it happens). On the Communist Party’s vindictiveness scale, the (10-year) ban is pretty … Continue reading

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Another three deaths mark passing of Ye Olde HK

Three Hong Kong icons of the 1980s-90s – when the city’s mojo was bigger than all the other mojos in Asia put together – pass on. The borderline-wearisome excessively-British-in-a-Chinese professional personality David Tang recently checked out. And now his relatively … Continue reading

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The Great 2017 Campus Poster Freak-out Panic

A week ago, mischievous students celebrated the start of the new academic year by putting up ‘Hong Kong Independence’ banners at Chinese University. After the media swiftly reported the shock-horror incident, university authorities panicked, and security guards removed the offensive items. … Continue reading

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