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China vs World on who is at crossroads

China’s Chairman of Everything-for-Life Xi Jinping does not warmly encourage challenging debate about his government’s policies. But in recent months, a few dissenting voices – economists, a former official, Deng Xiaoping’s son – have been making themselves heard. The latest, … Continue reading

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Pitiable plutocrats in patriotism, profits panic

A mildly amusing but telling moment in Mainlandization today. Hong Kong’s Liberal Party – which despite its name represents entitled hereditary business owners in parasite/cartelized industries – was going to propose a motion in the Legislative Council calling on the … Continue reading

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Overtime cancelled for government spin-doctors

And so, at last, the trial of the ‘Umbrella Nine’ begins. Here’s the full background, including links to a legal explainer and much else. There’s probably never an ideal moment to try to throw a peaceful 74-year-old clergyman in prison, … Continue reading

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Coming next: the ‘Umbrella Nine’

Next week’s Mainlandization-related trashing of Hong Kong’s freedom and reputation will be brought to you by the attempt to imprison three harmless old guys on desperate-sounding charges of ‘incitement to incite public nuisance’. The clearly-Beijing-ordered prosecutions will also involve six other … Continue reading

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In HK, even extreme moderates now despair

I hope he brought a toothbrush… Former Hong Kong government official and longtime pro-Beijing patriot Patrick Ho suffers more legal setbacks. Prosecutors in New York will now present evidence involving arms sales, and the judge is allowing a former co-defendant … Continue reading

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Carrie Lam, self-censor-in-chief

By definition, Carrie Lam says, self-censorship is not government censorship. What part of ‘self-’ don’t you understand, duh? However, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive undermines her own thin logic. Carrie must also publicly own and defend the expulsion of Financial Times … Continue reading

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Positive-energy triumph as HK survives near-death tragedy mayhem

With the hallucinogens kicking in, the South China Morning Post celebrates one of Hong Kong’s greatest – and surely insufficiently recognized – achievements of 2018. We refer, of course, to the city’s dazzling success in expertly managing its property bubble … Continue reading

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HK’s bad-PR week

Hong Kong’s reputation as a free and open society took a knocking over the last week or so, thanks to three widely reported events: the postponement of artist Badiucao’s exhibition; the barring from entry of previously-ejected Financial Times correspondent Victor … Continue reading

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Yesterday afternoon’s Mainlandization – wrap-up

Just as the Tai Kwun cultural heritage hub-zone was banning author Ma Jian (statement here), Hong Kong immigration officials were questioning the previously-expelled Financial Times correspondent Victor Mallett and turning him away at the airport. Ma is due to land … Continue reading

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Hong Kong – Mainlandization goes daily

Writer Ma Jian says that Tai Kwun, the renovated Central Police Station/Victoria Prison complex, has cancelled a Hong Kong International Literary Festival event featuring him. The HK$3 billion (or something) facility is supposed to serve as an arts hub, but … Continue reading

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