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HK’s 20-year secret exposed

Hong Kong reels in shock after economist Leo Goodstadt’s new book reveals that the city has been governed with unimaginably extreme ineptitude since the handover to the motherland. The one-time policy advisor to the old colonial regime would probably not … Continue reading

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Nation threatened by 17 street booths

The Chinese Communist Party geniuses overseeing the gradual Mainlandization of Hong Kong probably don’t dwell on local perceptions and nuances. But the local bureaucracy that has to implement their demands to crush hostile elements and eradicate splittists should know better. … Continue reading

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Another step

To dust off some old official phraseology, Hong Kong must move towards being a Communist dictatorship in accordance with the principle of gradual and orderly progress. The city now takes another step in this slow but deliberate transformation. The police … Continue reading

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Hong Kong’s cram-more-stuff-in policy

Hong Kong’s economic policymakers largely serve the needs of established, especially local, business interests. Thus we avoid change. As one author notes, the big tycoons of 20 or 30 years ago are the same big tycoons (well into their 80s) … Continue reading

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Some Monday links

The global village neighbourhood echo chamber has been overflowing with hyper-chatter about whether it is acceptable and/or constructive to approach members of the Trump administration in restaurants and be nasty to them. The ethical debate now moves on. Is it … Continue reading

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World’s most expensive dog kennel at Tsing Yi

And here is the Hong Kong news this Friday the 13th… A 30-year-old studio unit measuring 150 square feet at the Cheung On Estate in Tsing Yi in the New Territories has been advertised for HK$3.2 million (US$408,000) … “It … Continue reading

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HK solves (lack of) traffic problem

You have a short downtown street lined with shops. Would you prefer to have it: a) crowded with Hong Kong buskers; or b) packed with vehicular traffic? Given local street performers’ talent, many of us would be sorely tempted to … Continue reading

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Minding your language

If you find the spread of creepy Mainland-ese into Hong Kong official language jarring, you’ll get used to it. Spare a thought for the government copywriters and translators who have to learn how to craft this new form of prose. … Continue reading

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The ‘frozen-bun-taking-forever-in-a-bamboo-basket patriots’

When Hong Kong’s tycoons switched allegiance to the Chinese government back in the 1980s-90s, they were mocked as ‘instant-noodle patriots’. They were simply doing what they had to, like generations of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia – shoe-shining whoever was … Continue reading

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Food for Mainlandization thought

At HK Free Press, Stephen Vines issues an apology to Chief Executive Carrie Lam on behalf of the media who annoy her in English, or in any language. And there’s more on the government’s contrived panty-wetting press-statement following (or pre-empting) … Continue reading

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