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HK Mainlandization approaches the unthinkable

An update on the Hong Kong government’s extreme attempts to imprison pro-democracy activists, notably by ‘aggressively appealing non-custodial sentences’. With China now following a ‘Stalin-model centralization of power and suppression of dissent’, the city will be seeing more repression. Disrespecting … Continue reading

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Shock as HK judges speak on public affairs not concerning their pay

Time for the UK to issue its twice-yearly report on Hong Kong’s declining autonomy. The government instantly hits back with a press statement (less whiney-defensive and more dismissive-shrug than usual – maybe they are learning). Normally, that would be that … Continue reading

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Alien intrusion

On the rare occasions they take a break from pushing up property prices and cramming more tourists into the city, Hong Kong’s leaders declare their fervent visionary desire for economic diversification. This tends to mean inno-green-bio-whizz-bang R&D tech hub zones, … Continue reading

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Waiting for a slogan

We still don’t have a name for it, but before long the media and academics will start referring to this moment in 2017-18 as Xi Jinping’s ‘Red Restoration’, ‘Counter-Reformation’, ‘Grand Centralization’, ‘Revenge of the Princeling’, or something (presumably) catchier. It … Continue reading

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Distraught Doomed Dems’ Disaster Despair

Hong Kong’s pro-establishment media rather overdo the stories and articles on mass-suicides among Hong Kong’s pro-democrats following Sunday’s by-elections massacre carnage shock. You’d have thought that United Front mass-organization, media and government indifference – and no doubt pan-dem errors – … Continue reading

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Which part of ‘Elect the CCP candidate this time’ don’t you understand?

Voters in two Hong Kong constituencies delivered the wrong results again yesterday – even after the Chinese Communist Party twisted the law to expel their previously elected representatives and, where necessary, pressured civil servants into barring replacements from the ballot, … Continue reading

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De-colonialize THIS…

In a brave attempt to spice up the ‘two meetings’ in Beijing, a Hong Kong delegate to the CPPCC – the retired shoe-shiners’ gathering – proposed scrapping colonial-era street names in his city. (So I look up this Shie guy … Continue reading

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Trying to make HK’s by-elections interesting

It’s hard to get excited or optimistic about the Hong Kong Legislative Council by-elections on Sunday. Beijing has replaced the spiteful CY Leung with the nondescript Carrie Lam as Chief Executive, set about reducing the legislative branch into a pure … Continue reading

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Carts and horses

Anyone can put the cart in front of the horse. It takes far more flair and ingenuity to take the wheels off the cart and roll them away in different directions, then turn the horse upside down and place it … Continue reading

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The results are back from the spin-doctors

The solution is to let Xi Jinping rule China for as long as he wants. But what was the problem? Although the emperor-for-life arrangement had been in the pipeline for several months, the official announcement left Communist Party apologists scrabbling … Continue reading

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