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Carrie Lam – CY Leung without the laughs

UK NGO Hong Kong Watch releases a damning report on Beijing’s increasing control over Hong Kong. (US NGO Freedom House also downgrades the city in its human and civil rights rankings.) Chief Executive Carrie Lam takes a break from playing … Continue reading

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Fun by-elections on the way

The Chinese government and its local administration are using loyalty tests and tightened procedural rules to turn Hong Kong’s Legislative Council from a weak and rigged body to a purely ceremonial, Mainland-style rubber-stamp one. While this is underway, it arguably … Continue reading

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Media freebie weirdness at Festival Walk

Recovering from a weekend of media overload – binge-watching The Lonely Gourmet, an addictive manga-derived Japanese TV show that is ‘essentially pornography’, and reading Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, which has received so much coverage that you already know half … Continue reading

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If you find yourself in a basement, stop digging

The new Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng ‘Otto grotto’ illegal structure quagmire mess mayhem disaster continues to unfold most entertainingly. The government says it will allow Cheng to finish some outstanding arbitration cases from her private practice. Apparently this is a … Continue reading

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Delete ‘interfering with’, insert ‘advising’…

Sometimes mocked (like much of the Hong Kong media) for pro-Beijing bias and tycoon-ownership, the South China Morning Post receives a credibility-boosting badge of honour from blunt-spoken government supporter Arthur Li – who labels the paper ‘fake news’. The question … Continue reading

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Some links you can’t build housing on

Three leading participants in Occupy are on trial for ‘inciting people to incite others to cause public nuisance’ among other charges along similar, if less tortuous, lines. This is part of a pattern since the Umbrella Movement in which Beijing’s … Continue reading

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Maybe they should call it a Task Feebleness

The Hong Kong government’s main effort to solve the city’s housing problem has been the formation of a Task Force on Land Supply. It has had no visible impact on making housing more affordable. Instead, it has discussed drug-induced fantasies … Continue reading

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Good staff are so hard to find these days

Never say you don’t get good entertainment value for your Hong Kong tax dollars. Within hours of taking office, the city’s new Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng suffers an almost clichéd slapstick setback when it emerges that her New Territories … Continue reading

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HK survives first week of 2018

Even at January 5, it looks certain that 2018 will be a year of continuous, quite possibly accelerating, Mainlandization in Hong Kong. Not a day is going by without another step towards authoritarianism – a young activist being tried or … Continue reading

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HK government in calamitous system breakdown mayhem

Something has gone horribly wrong within the Hong Kong government. A while ago, a small but appealing piece of downtown public land – a harbour-front wharf – became available for some other civic use. Local residents had for some time … Continue reading

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