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The old quintessential Hong Kong Christmas-season story

So a 19-year-old is driving along Queens Road Central ‘towards Sheung Wan’. This is the correct direction along this one-way street, but fear not – from this point things get satisfyingly worse. He’s in a pricy Porsche. (Ideally, it would … Continue reading

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Howling at the moon

How much energy did Hong Kong’s pro-democrats burn up pursuing (now former) Chief Executive CY Leung’s HK$50 million UGL non-compete conflict-of-interest corruption scandal hoo-hah saga? Was it worth it? Even if the ICAC and other authorities had wanted to nail … Continue reading

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Uh-oh – that ‘abducted-a-guy-and-then-we-didn’t-need-to’ feeling

The court in Vancouver gives Ms Meng of Huawei bail ahead of her extradition hearing. This leaves Beijing taken by surprise and with a small bad-timing problem. Following several days’ intense ranting and threats to make Canada pay for its … Continue reading

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Guest post

by Deputy Assistant Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs (Population and Quality of Life) Winky Ip SBS, JP Hello! He has had so many people asking what I am doing these days, so here goes! You will remember back in those … Continue reading

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Is 2018 the start of the unraveling?

Is 2018 the year China’s luck ran dry? When it became apparent that the country’s… hubristic leadership … lacks both imagination and any real ability to make fundamental political and social changes that might impact its desire for total control. … Continue reading

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HK govt does its best

In accordance with a tradition – which takes effect as of now – I will say something positive about the Hong Kong government every Friday. After some searching, I am delighted to note that the health authorities are preparing for … Continue reading

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Christmas comes early

Former Hong Kong official Patrick Ho’s weight-loss program – now ‘several months’ in – looks set to continue for a few more years after a New York jury finds him guilty of bribery committed in the noble cause of Belt … Continue reading

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Have you shoe-shined your Communist Party today?

No sooner do I mention the possibility of renaming the Li Po Chun United World College’s proposed Belt and Road Centre, than the alumni launch a petition calling for the very same thing (it’s here). People unfamiliar with the psychology … Continue reading

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Ma On Shan to become ‘Belt and Road’ country

Property tycoon Lee Shau-kee is donating HK$50 million to the Li Po Chun United World College at Ma On Shan for a Belt and Road Learning and Resources Centre. In plain English, let’s call it the Xi Jinping Shameless Shoe-shining Building. … Continue reading

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HK elections become bigger jokes

A civil servant bars lawmaker Eddie Chu Hoi-dick from running in a village election. As Hong Kong gets increasingly numbed to it, the Mainlandization gets ever-weirder. (Story here, and highlights of mind-warping official correspondence here.) This is a bold – … Continue reading

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