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Is ‘Belt and Road’ getting embarrassing?

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam recently whizzed through Saudi Arabia. The visit was an unseemly grovel-fest aimed at convincing the kingdom’s rulers to list Saudi Aramco on Hong Kong’s stock exchange. She also took the opportunity to describe Saudi … Continue reading

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Have you tried being nice?

A letter (scroll down) in the South China Morning Post asks why the Communist Party can’t just be nice? It’s a good question. The Chinese government’s attempts to rant and bludgeon Hong Kong into loving it are surely unworthy of … Continue reading

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Reg vs Reit

It’s not often that lawmaker and wannabe Chief Executive Regina Ip plays the vulnerable victim. The ex-Security Secretary is more comfortable as the whip-wielding iron butterfly leaving foes in chewed-up pieces in her wake. But here she is accusing the … Continue reading

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Turning up the Communist ‘subtle charm’ thing on HK

For the first 15 years or so after 1997, the Chinese government refrained from contradicting Hong Kong’s understanding of ‘One Country Two Systems’ and the ‘high degree of autonomy’. But after Xi Jinping came to power, Beijing started to clarify … Continue reading

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Can we call it ‘FannyGate’ yet?

The South China Morning Post probes deeper into yesterday’s curious affair of Fanny Law and the Swedish scientists – or at least into Fanny’s explanation of how nothing happened. The ex-bureaucrat-turned-Beijing loyalist and Science Park figurehead says she decided to … Continue reading

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Front-page news: something happened

The South China Morning Post devotes much of its front page to the revelation that something happened, but we don’t know what. The story starts in August, when ex-senior bureaucrat and government supporter Fanny Law, wearing her Science Park figurehead-boss … Continue reading

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A faint glimmer of Bay Area substance (maybe)

I declare the weekend open with a quick glimpse into the nebulous ‘Greater Bay Area’. The South China Morning Post defines the visionary vagueness as “the central government’s plan to link Hong Kong, Macau, and nine mainland cities in the … Continue reading

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United Front pushes junk science

Not sure why Australia and New Zealand are so prominent in China’s United Front tentacle-spreading efforts in media/academia/politics and/or the growing local investigative work into and backlash against it. Has the Communist Party prioritized the two resources-exporting, immigrant-absorbing countries as … Continue reading

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Some mid-week links

Among many other things, 2017 should be the year that Western democracies started to wake up to systematic Chinese Communist Party infiltration of their academia, media, legislatures and other institutions (latest episode here). Patriotic Hongkongers are playing their part in … Continue reading

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Doesn’t the Liaison Office have enough to do?

As the annual Pride march took place over the weekend, Hong Kong’s anti-LGBT forces spoke out. The fundamentalist Christian/fundamentally gruesome Truth and Light Society repeated its opposition to legal recognition of transgender people’s adopted gender, now accepted in many (notably … Continue reading

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