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Mental health corner

Hong Kong Free Press is on a roll at the moment, scoring an interview with former Governor Chris Patten, gaining accreditation from the government, apparently finding new office space – and keeping the stories coming. And now it gets the … Continue reading

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Assault and Buttery

Is Avery Ng toast? The League of Social Democrats activist is being tried for common assault after throwing a fish sandwich in the direction of then-Chief Executive CY Leung last year. CY, known for his cunning and devious ways, nimbly … Continue reading

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National Education for (and possibly by) infants

So which will come first – a conspiracy theory that the Las Vegas massacre was part of a One World Government Deep State plot to turn patriotic country music fans into liberal atheist gun-confiscators, or a conspiracy theory that the … Continue reading

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Stagnation by design

I recently mentioned the Penguin Specials on Hong Kong, which are all listed on Amazon’s page on A System Apart. A review of that book pulls some good quotes about how 20 years after the handover, Hong Hong’s economy… “…is … Continue reading

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A lesson from the Ho Hoo-hah

And so, it seems, we say farewell to the Great 2017 Junius Ho Hoo-hah. Many observers will conclude that the pro-Beijing lawmaker himself comes out of it looking rather like what is vulgarly known as an asshole. But even at … Continue reading

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It’s buying a second one that’s really scary…

Every Western journalist must mention two clichés about Shenzhen: that it used to be ‘a fishing village’ and that it is now the hyper-modern, space-age, high-tech, Silicon Blah-Blah, innovation hub of China that’s about to leave Hong Kong behind. In … Continue reading

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Exciting waterfront plan unveiled

An award-winning architectural studio proposes a bold, visionary, daring, elegant, accessible, attractive, like-normal-cities-have plan to turn the Central Ferris Wheel Themed Tourist Observation Rotating Device Concept Zone/old General Post Office HQ area into a ‘crowning glory’ waterfront public space. The … Continue reading

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A few links…

…for those with time to spare. A ‘reality check’ presentation on how the world’s new amazing almighty superpower is more screwed up than its official line lets on – rural China. Also in the ‘more interesting than it sounds’ category … Continue reading

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The anti-independence frenzy gets sophisticated

While Hong Kong’s student radicals are taking a break before moving on to the next scurrilous Outrage-the-Communists gimmick, the ponderous, officially contrived Great Campus Independence-Poster Mouth-Froth enters its next stage. Behold the Wow-So-Nuanced-‘Discussion-Not-Propaganda’-Angle. According to this finely crafted logic-mangling, you … Continue reading

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Oh, and he’s got a new book out…

Hong Kong’s last British governor Chris Patten hits town. (His modern-day counterpart Chief Executive Carrie Lam dons an unspeakable blue jacket and visits the UK to hobnob with even earlier colonial relics – including an eerily preserved Lydia Dunn.) For … Continue reading

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