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Some mid-week links

Among many other things, 2017 should be the year that Western democracies started to wake up to systematic Chinese Communist Party infiltration of their academia, media, legislatures and other institutions (latest episode here). Patriotic Hongkongers are playing their part in … Continue reading

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Doesn’t the Liaison Office have enough to do?

As the annual Pride march took place over the weekend, Hong Kong’s anti-LGBT forces spoke out. The fundamentalist Christian/fundamentally gruesome Truth and Light Society repeated its opposition to legal recognition of transgender people’s adopted gender, now accepted in many (notably … Continue reading

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In a pickle

Busy today ensuring a supply of vitamin C for the coming winter by making kimchi. The ingredients are Napa cabbage, salt, chili flakes, ginger, garlic, green onion and in this case rice-flour paste, regular onion, salt shrimp and fish sauce…. … Continue reading

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HK’s most farcical fake-election since the last one

If Hong Kong is going to be authentically Mainlandized, we must get into convoluted Leninist structure-speak. For example: Wasn’t it really cool last Wednesday when the first plenary meeting of the Electoral Conference of the 13th NPC election elected that … Continue reading

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Another exciting win-win!

One benefit for the Hong Kong government in battling furiously to locate Mainland immigration checkpoints in the bowels of the West Kowloon High-Speed Rail Station is that it distracts everyone from the money wasted by the white elephant project. The … Continue reading

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Communist Party boosts image in HK again

You never know exactly where the next globule of putrid slime will ooze out of Beijing’s local power/support base in Hong Kong. It could be from any of the shoe-shining tycoons and bureaucrats, shady patriotic businessmen, opportunistic loyalist politicians, obedient … Continue reading

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But we still have the highest-paid officials…

It’s not often that people pay attention to business in the Hong Kong Legislative Council, or to the thoughts of lawmaker Regina Ip. But today is an exception. The former Broomhead, Security Secretary and wannabe Chief Executive criticizes the government’s … Continue reading

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The coming ‘new normal’ of shoe-shining

It’s hard to keep up with the fast-swelling Xi Jinping personality cult. Officials in one town are paying homage to a (thriving) tree the Chairman-of-Everything once planted. Minions in another are ordering villagers to replace pictures of Jesus with images … Continue reading

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Carrie ordered to get on with impossible job from Hell

Beijing official Li Fei delivers his very important speech on How and Why We Will Continue to Crush Worthless Hong Kong Vermin. This was a much-anticipated event because hundreds of schoolchildren were forced to watch via TV links. Local officials … Continue reading

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Cuddly Panda-power update

People keeping up with China’s United Front ‘soft power’ rampage Down Under will know of the latest from New Zealand and the Australian book cancellation – and another Badiucao cartoon to eloquently sum it up. One feature of China’s systematic … Continue reading

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