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Beijing’s puppets do some racism

Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing lawmakers decide some xenophobia is in order. The New People’s Party’s Eunice Yung decides to attack brown people for cluttering up the city and causing hygiene problems. And her DAB colleagues warn that white judges newly appointed … Continue reading

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Recommended Books

Just finished Everything Under the Heaven: How the Past Helps Shape China’s Push for Global Power by Howard French. As we have noticed over the last few years, Xi Jinping’s China has abandoned Deng’s hide-light-under-bushel approach to foreign affairs and … Continue reading

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‘Tai Kwun’ – big overcrowding mess

The Central Police Station Mega-Renovation Thing officially opens today. I looked around the art gallery a few weeks ago, and I poked around the prison cells quite a few years back after the Immigration Department closed the detention centre, formerly … Continue reading

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This week’s compulsory read

Who is this person and why am I supposed to be interested in him? Can’t he just go away? After a recent deluge of frantic on-line shrieking about the hitherto-barely-heard-of Kanye West, I am buried by an avalanche of uncontrollably … Continue reading

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Harpist Jailed for Overly Latin Swing Interpretation

Enjoy it while you can: a rather fetching jazzed-up version of March of the Volunteers, which could be illegal under the forthcoming National Anthem (Sincere Veneration (Compulsory)) Ordinance. The report says plain-clothes cops were videoing this performance, and you have … Continue reading

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Politico and SCMP jump into bed/have a quick grope

US media company Politico and the South China Morning Post announce a mildly surprising collaboration agreement. The SCMP’s report perhaps sounds a little self-congratulatory, rather as Hong Kong officials do when receiving their idiotic annual World’s Freest Economy Prize from … Continue reading

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Asia’s sexpat journalists become the story

The LA Times‘ man in Beijing isn’t having a good year – first it was this, and then this. MeToo turns the spotlight on Asian newsrooms and accuses (some) male foreign correspondents of sexual misconduct against female colleagues. Quite a story … Continue reading

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The Nobel dimension

The stock market leaps gracefully this morning as – Phew! – China and the US agree to end the massive world-shattering trade war before it has even begun. Both sides remove tariffs that they piled on in fits of righteous … Continue reading

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Some weekend reading…

Almost feeling sorry for China’s barbarian-handlers – how can they use their cold, calculating, cynical cunning to undermine the US-led rules-based international trade order when Trump’s negotiating team is a baboon show too incoherent to con? Presumably the answer is: … Continue reading

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Asia’s mumbling-inanities and hand-wringing hub

For the second time in a week, security men assault Hong Kong reporters covering sensitive stories on the Mainland. Outraged citizens imagine that the Hong Kong government will take a stand – but they should be thankful for a bit … Continue reading

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