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No Article 23 needed

A not-bad column notes that the Hong Kong government ‘wants to shift understanding of free speech towards a more authoritarian definition’ and has the Legislative Council votes ‘to force through a draconian’ national security law. Beijing officials and local Communist … Continue reading

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Oh no – it’s the ‘fourth way’!

As a British colony-turned-Communist Chinese colony, Hong Kong does not do participatory government. Policy-making takes place behind closed doors; public consultations are rituals, and the semi-elected legislature is increasingly a rubber-stamp. If you want to be involved in formal ‘politics’, … Continue reading

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Have a happy National Day!

Your annual pro-government-line retrospective describing Hong Kong’s Occupy/Umbrella movement as a failure, featuring compulsory key words ‘deflated’, ‘disillusioned’ and ‘frustrated’. Alternative view: by forcing the Chinese Communist Party to clarify beyond all naïve doubt that it had zero intention of … Continue reading

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An intrusion from the past provides a brief break from local matters… Wouldn’t you feel horrified if, while numbly observing the latest in the hog-manure lagoon eruption that is the Supreme Court nomination saga, you suddenly realized that you had … Continue reading

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Over at HKFP

It’s all over here today…

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HK in Mid-Autumn Mainlandizing

An intense burst of Mainlandization hits Hong Kong over a 30-hour period, as the Vacuous Express high-speed rail link opens (I was spared attending), and the government officially proscribes the Hong Kong National Party. The primary purpose of the grotesquely … Continue reading

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World’s most mundane historic Sunday beckons

I am due to take part in a historic event on Sunday: the opening of Hong Kong’s ultra-expensive Vacant Express high-speed rail link to places we don’t want to go to. Specifically, I will be meeting someone arriving on a … Continue reading

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New cold war shock horror carnage looms

Chinese officials snottily reprimand the US for imposing tariffs, violating oh-so sacred free-trade principles and behaving irrationally. Behind this self-righteousness and bravado is shock and fear. Half the newspaper columns in the free world ponderously conclude that even if Donald … Continue reading

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Carrie Lam announces committee on Bee Swarm procedures

The Hong Kong Transport Department starts Wednesday with an announcement that it needs more time to clear roads still blocked after Typhoon Mangkhut on Sunday. It is an unintentional reminder (along with the Great Tai Po Post-Storm Traumatized Killer Bees … Continue reading

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Actuaries’ conference a great success

Time to pull up a seat and enjoy the irresistible sight of righteous wrathful hordes savagely turning on a lame, whimpering, out-of-touch government that has made a basic and predictable blunder. Hong Kong front-line services like the fire department, observatory, … Continue reading

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