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HK officials get bored, play insurance salesmen

When it isn’t trying to mastermind the development of the city’s space-age whizz-bang IT-web-innovation-tech sector, the Hong Kong government and its numerous bureaucratic offshoots love to manage the growth and direction of the financial services industry. Among their many past … Continue reading

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Mrs Lam goes to Beijing

Hong Kong’s next Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, goes up to Beijing to meet some top national leaders. It will be a three-day visit, yet she doesn’t think there will be concrete discussion about a particular topic. So – hours upon … Continue reading

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HK government spreads mirth city-wide

Hong Kong lawmakers criticize officials for the hastily patched-together, half-hearted series of events designed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the handover. This is unfair. The object of the exercise is to spread happiness throughout the city. And what can … Continue reading

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Inevitable ‘crying over spilt milk’ pun makes appearance

In case you missed them, some interesting commentary on Huishan Dairy’s contribution to the sterling reputation of Mainland corporate governance. Fraser Howie puts the affair in the bigger context of private sector-bank-political links in the country where ‘the disappearance of … Continue reading

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Your tax dollars at work

The Hong Kong government announces that it will spend HK$640 million on celebrating the 20th anniversary of the handover of the city from the UK to China. Some opportunistic griping ensues, and largely misses its mark… The budget is far … Continue reading

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‘Regina was robbed’ shock

You would have thought that anyone who took an interest realized long ago (say, late 1996) that Hong Kong’s Chief Executive ‘elections’ are a scripted charade – the outcomes being pre-determined in Beijing. The alternative, after all, is to imagine … Continue reading

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HK mourns for landlords by being rude to tourists

Mixed reports on Hong Kong’s counter-tourism measures, today… The good news is that retail sales continue to fall. By ‘retail sales’, we mean the peddling of overpriced crap to dimwitted tourists – which by extension means rents for stores in … Continue reading

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HK property market – a bottom-up view

People bought multiple units at the token ‘Hong Kong Property for Hong Kong People’ housing development at Kai Tak (including an official at China’s local Liaison Office). This makes a mockery of the supposed intention of the project – but … Continue reading

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Just the tip of the milk-berg

Among the semi-obscure wackiness emanating from China these days is the Hanfu movement. On one level it romanticizes pre-Qing (or plain mythological) dress and culture, as seen on historic TV dramas. But it has murkier fringes bordering on racial supremacism. … Continue reading

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The uncommon bad luck never ends

Ironic Understatement of the Week Award goes to Asia Sentinel, writing a few days before the recent Chief Executive quasi-election, for referring to China’s ‘uncommon bad luck’ in consistently choosing dismal failures to lead Hong Kong… While Hong Kong itself … Continue reading

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