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A timely trivia quiz

Financial Secretary Paul Chan warns Hong Kong property buyers that the market is ‘irrationally stimulated’. The Monetary Authority, nudging interest rates up, advises that the cost of mortgages will be rising. Let’s leave aside the case of the guy who … Continue reading

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MTR corporate communication case study

Problem: Hong Kong’s mass transit system has become unbearably overcrowded because of Mainland tourists and their vast amounts of luggage full of milk powder, Yakult, toothpaste, non-fake quack medicine and more milk powder. Solution: strip out seats from some carriages … Continue reading

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Surviving Tropical Cyclone Merbok

By the time the Hong Kong Observatory raised the Number 3 (Don’t Panic But Get Worried) Signal at 10.30 yesterday morning, we were experiencing occasional showers and a bit of a breeze. At times, these turned into heavier, normal-Hong Kong-summer, … Continue reading

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HK named World’s Freest Economy again!

Even by its own embarrassing standards, the Hong Kong government has rarely looked as lame and pitiful as in its attempts to justify the determined criminalization of ride-hailing apps, personified by Uber. Perhaps Hong Kong’s officials were emboldened by Uber’s … Continue reading

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I declare the weekend open…

The week comes to an abrupt end as I am working on a grand Special Hong Kong 20th Anniversary Handover Celebration Festivities Souvenir piece for these guys. Plus I am still slightly jet-lagged from my overseas tour. (For example… Yesterday … Continue reading

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No let-up in CY’s final days

Hong Kong had been expecting Chief Executive CY Leung to fade from the scene reasonably quietly. And sure enough, his final few weeks in office looked set to fizzle away. To pass the time, opposition lawmakers have launched a predictable-and-futile, … Continue reading

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Another day closer to whenever it happens

The South China Morning Post informs us that buyers of new homes in Hong Kong are in for a rude awakening when interest rates rise and mortgage payments eat up 80% of their incomes. Elsewhere in the paper, an esteemed … Continue reading

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Travel broadens the mind, maybe

One of Hong Kong’s tackier tourist attractions nearly gets wiped off the map. Never mind– better luck next time. Meanwhile… I have returned from my recent trip bursting with what may or may not be new and exciting insights. For example, … Continue reading

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Welcome to the land of Monty Python

Taking a while to fully recover from jetlag after the grand filial piety tour – not helped by a traumatic experience mid-journey at Heathrow Airport… I have landed from the US and met up with someone on a separate but … Continue reading

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Filial piety tour concludes

Clan nuptial and other gatherings aside, a two-week trip confirms that despite reports of their demise or implosion, the US and the UK remain world leaders in their variety of endearing or simply hellish weirdness. From the Dante-esque threat of traffic … Continue reading

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