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Correction: no-one at all will be happy with the result

Carrie ‘Dead on Arrival’ Lam concludes her reluctant, badly simulated and timid-verging-on-fearful campaign for Hong Kong’s Chief Executive quasi-election. The by-invitation-only rigged poll takes place Sunday. A police spokesman ventures to suggest that ‘it is possible some people will be … Continue reading

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Exciting New Tourist-Repulsion Strategy Unveiled

At last – a Hong Kong government U-turn on tourism. For years, officials have implemented a strict Cram More Tourists In Endlessly policy, inflicting misery on residents. I am delighted to see that the Tourism Board is now implementing a … Continue reading

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Guardian pays homage to HK’s hip young rebels

The UK’s ever-cheerful Guardian asks whether Hong Kong can be saved from China’s authoritarianism. It focuses on the photogenic Joshua Wong ‘David and Goliath’ angle, which presumably appeals to the paper’s trendy/liberal target audience, but misses the bigger picture. Hong Kong … Continue reading

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Horror behind pro-Beijing camp’s lovable ‘dimwit’ mask

Most of the questions for candidates at Sunday’s ‘election’ debate came from pro-democrats. Beijing’s loyalists in the audience apparently found the submissions box too hard to find. We are tempted to infer that pro-Beijing folk – or at least the … Continue reading

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HK’s last glimpse of ‘election’ fun

According to the South China Morning Post, the final candidates’ debate in Hong Kong’s Chief Executive pseudo-election was a ‘bruising mix of sarcasm, humour and outright attack’. And indeed all three participants – Beijing’s pre-arranged winner Carrie Lam and no-hopers … Continue reading

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An ooze of fawning on page 8

The Standard treats its readers to an entire page of shoe-shining… It reports one wanton act of obsequiousness as a straight story: tycoon Li Ka-shing’s son Richard publicly endorses Beijing’s choice Carrie Lam as next Chief Executive of Hong Kong. … Continue reading

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Quiz question

A question from last night’s Foreign Correspondents Club quiz: What is the name of the Hong Kong supermarket chain founded in April 2015 by China Resources Vanguard and Tesco? Thanks to cartelization, Hong Kong has only two major supermarket chains. … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Killer Land Premiums

Last night’s Chief Executive ‘election’ debate contain some flashes of authentic nastiness – almost like you would get in a real democratic campaign. Opinion polls and commentators’ comments clearly indicated that pan-dems/malcontents thought John Tsang came out on top, while … Continue reading

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Now imagine what the 8th CE will be like…

Hong Kong’s pro-establishment press has an easy job deciding the front-page story today: the elevation of Chief Executive CY Leung to the ever-so important ‘National Leadership’ position of Vice-Deputy Assistant Sub-Huge-Face Person at the Chinese People’s Retired Shoe-Shiners Consultative Conference. … Continue reading

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CCP’s clunky-candidate, zombie-herding woes continue

If you find the ‘two meetings’ in Beijing too exciting, you’ll have enjoyed yesterday’s Hong Kong Chief Executive quasi-election debate. The highlight of the snooze-fest, by all accounts, was former Chief Secretary Carrie Lam claiming to have been the victim … Continue reading

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