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Friday links

If you thought the People’s Daily ‘Xi Jinping Thought’ mind-map wasn’t busy enough, try David Webb’s chart of the relationships surrounding Huarong Asset Management – the ‘bad bank’ that looks like it needs a ‘bad bank’ – plus China Minsheng … Continue reading

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HK approaches peak white-elephant orgy

In case you missed them, the public holiday brought us two little reminders of Hong Kong’s place in Beijing’s scheme of things. Five days ago, our top officials were pleading ignorance of the opening date of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai Mega-Bridge. … Continue reading

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A mid-week Great Leap Backward

Half the MTR system seizes up this morning. But Transport Secretary Frank Chan has a chauffeur-driven car – so everything’s fine. So long as you can get to Wuhan in three hours at Mach 0.8. Meanwhile, up in the Motherland… … Continue reading

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Trying to take the half-trillion boondoggle seriously

I’m not sure how many people turned out Friday to protest the barring of Lau Siu-lai from the election ballot, but it was a fraction of the number who marched yesterday against the Lantau mega-reclamation white elephant. And while the … Continue reading

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Verb – ‘…typically to separate out sediment’

Sesame Street today was brought to you by the word ‘decant’, in the sense of urban planning, ethnic-cleansing or forced migration – as in ‘the decanting of Yau Tsim Mong’. I recall the word being used a few weeks ago … Continue reading

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Time for One Last Ginormous Grab?

The Chief Executive’s policy address is an annual Hong Kong establishment ritual to distract the populace from the incompetence of their supposed elites. Participants engage in mutual shoe-shining by apparently taking vacuous rubbish seriously – a sub-category of the art … Continue reading

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Another CCP ‘hearts and minds’ victory

The Liaison Office – Beijing’s shadow government in Hong Kong – nowadays readily orders the city’s administration what to do. It then sits back and leaves it to the local puppets to clean up afterwards. From the Chinese party-state’s point … Continue reading

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Time to drop your pants

The United Front tacticians must be delighted: Hong Kong, China’s expulsion of the Financial Times’ Victor Mallet is forcing bystanders to pull their pants down and reveal their true ideological positions. Fence-sitters reluctantly and tortuously take a public stand for … Continue reading

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Another week, another…

We need a snappy word for ‘big venture into authoritarianism’, because they’re becoming a regular thing. The good news is that Hong Kong-based Financial Times correspondent Victor Mallet was not getting his visa renewed at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul … Continue reading

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Fad comes to Soho, officially dies

Situated conveniently next to the Mid-Levels Escalator in the Soho Tacky Overpriced-Restaurant Themed Hub-Zone – a shiny new Bitcoin ATM. Could it be a hip, ironic art installation, mocking the follies of our era? Or is it a cynical ploy … Continue reading

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