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Positive-energy triumph as HK survives near-death tragedy mayhem

With the hallucinogens kicking in, the South China Morning Post celebrates one of Hong Kong’s greatest – and surely insufficiently recognized – achievements of 2018. We refer, of course, to the city’s dazzling success in expertly managing its property bubble … Continue reading

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HK’s bad-PR week

Hong Kong’s reputation as a free and open society took a knocking over the last week or so, thanks to three widely reported events: the postponement of artist Badiucao’s exhibition; the barring from entry of previously-ejected Financial Times correspondent Victor … Continue reading

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Yesterday afternoon’s Mainlandization – wrap-up

Just as the Tai Kwun cultural heritage hub-zone was banning author Ma Jian (statement here), Hong Kong immigration officials were questioning the previously-expelled Financial Times correspondent Victor Mallett and turning him away at the airport. Ma is due to land … Continue reading

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Hong Kong – Mainlandization goes daily

Writer Ma Jian says that Tai Kwun, the renovated Central Police Station/Victoria Prison complex, has cancelled a Hong Kong International Literary Festival event featuring him. The HK$3 billion (or something) facility is supposed to serve as an arts hub, but … Continue reading

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Government gets tough on ‘not on proper package tour’ menace

The Hong Kong government tells the United Nations human-rights farce that the city has no faults at all, and in particular there is no evidence that people abducted by Mainland security forces were abducted by Mainland security forces. Our officials … Continue reading

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On this day in history…

The South China Morning Post celebrates its 115th anniversary with a special pullout for nostalgia fans. I hear there will be a staff fancy-dress party this evening with such themes as ‘The Opium War’ and ‘Jack Ma lookalike’. Most impressive … Continue reading

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On this weekend’s episode of ‘Mainlandize Yourself Tonight’…

Organizers cancelled the ‘Gongle’ exhibition after satirical artist Badiucao received some sort of threats from Mainland authorities. No-one is saying what the threats are, but ‘we know where your family live, pity if something happened to them’ would be standard, … Continue reading

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Weekend links

Should the Celebrity Death Pool start taking bets on how long Xi Jinping can stay in power? From mis-reading Trump, to alienating the Third World with Belt and Road Debt Traps, to imaging he can re-program a million Muslims in … Continue reading

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‘Maybe CCP shouldn’t screw up HK’ – lawmaker

Civic Party lawmaker Dennis Kwok pleads with Beijing to overcome its paranoid, authoritarian and narrow nationalist instincts, and keep Hong Kong a free and international city. (Full remarks here.) He stresses that China itself will benefit from maintaining Hong Kong … Continue reading

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How to get 8,000 hectares of land for free

Catching up with all the riveting Hong Kong things I missed over the last week, and I find the Lantau Mega-Reclamation Artificial Islands Vision Project still seems to be struggling to win the community’s support. Construction/property tycoon Gordon Wu is … Continue reading

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