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Then they came for the sandwich-throwers…

It looks as if, with only two months left in office, CY Leung’s obsession to prove his loyalty to the Communist Party through vindictiveness is bordering on farce. Here is a list of government opposition figures who have been arrested, … Continue reading

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Regina to city: I’m not finished with you yet

Hong Kong is filled with joy today as the city learns that veteran bureaucrat-turned-politician Regina Ip has decided to change her mind, and get in all our faces yet again. For a while last month, after her hopes of becoming … Continue reading

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Some mid-week reading

Eater examines US President Donald Trump’s preference for steak that is well-done and accompanied by ketchup – in particular what this says about his personality. People of any breeding or refinement refuse to have ketchup in the house, and know … Continue reading

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Paul Chan asks Hongkongers to leave, stop cluttering up city

The Sunday Twitter featured a HK$340 bottle of soda from CitySuper. (I believe the beverage is made from hibiscus. You can buy big bags of the flowers from dried goods stores, and make the same refreshing-if-rather-diuretic cranberry-like drink for pennies.) … Continue reading

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Bay Watch, cont’d

While the rest of Hong Kong dozes through a humdrum week, soon-to-be-ex-Chief Executive CY Leung is still traipsing around the Pearl River Delta to hype up the ‘Greater Bay Area’ project, senior officials dutifully in tow. It’s as if he … Continue reading

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Today has been cancelled…

…owing to extreme shock. Someone has openly acknowledged that golf is boring… The great awakening begins. The truth about the world’s most mind-numbing pastime is at last dawning. The number of self-consciously upwardly mobile pre-middle-aged corporate females plodding around Central … Continue reading

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Bay Watch

If Hong Kong can’t become ‘Asia’s Israel’, we all read eagerly in Sunday’s South China Morning Post, our future may rest on a leading role in a/the Greater Bay Area plan. For those of us who missed it: on occasions … Continue reading

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The Democratic Party makes a suggestion

Hong Kong Democratic Party leader Wu Chi-wai makes a suggestion only a Democratic Party member could make – ‘amnesty’ for both protestors and police convicted of Occupy-related offences. Not many people are likely to appreciate the idea that these two … Continue reading

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HK yawns as minor party splits

What an action-packed week it has been… The fake-trendy Pepsi TV ad, Trump spokesman Sean Spicer on Hitler, and United Airlines’ passenger-deplaning methods provoked such vast global eruptions of mass-mouth-frothing that only a US strike on North Korea offers a … Continue reading

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Mrs Lam goes to Beijing (part 2)

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive-to-be Carrie Lam goes to the nation’s capital and receives Chairman Xi Jinping’s finest inanity-as-praise treatment… He sounds like a palm-reader in a rush to see his next client: “You are capable of controlling complicated situations, but … Continue reading

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