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The Bot-flood continues

Twitter ‘Botmageddon’ attracts coverage by AFP and the Financial Times, though as a Southeast Asian phenomenon. The best explanation I have seen has a Taiwan angle and notes that ‘the China Explainer/Apologist/Shill crowd’ seem to be spared the infestation… “There’s … Continue reading

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HK still not ‘getting it’

Beijing official Qiao Xiaoyang ‘made a rare appeal to Hongkongers to back the Communist Party’ over the weekend. A sample from the South China Morning Post story… Hongkongers are free to practise their capitalist system in the city but they … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Panda-huggers

Another week, another flicker of the needle on the Sense-of-Impending-Doom-ometer as the world plods inexorably towards Cold War II. We detect something of a backlash on the part of the West’s rational, mature, cool-headed sophisticates who appreciate the Middle Kingdom’s … Continue reading

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Oh – we have to pay to repair the thing, too?

The South China Morning Post reports that the Hong Kong-Zhuhai Mega-Bridge Committee of Wise Expert Advisors were snoozing, sipping cocktails and listening to this on noise-cancelling headphones, when they could have been meeting to discuss the latest Drifting Dolosse Disaster … Continue reading

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Mid-week links for the gentry…

Hong Kong Free Press puts Chief Executive Carrie Lam on the spot by asking her whether it could be illegal for the media to cover people who make pro-independence remarks. (That’s gratitude, after all she’s done for them.) Any answer … Continue reading

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Research shows what we already knew…

A City University academic survey suggests that Beijing’s heavy-handed approach to pushing patriotism in Hong Kong alienates people and encourages the sense of local identity it aims to curb. No great surprise for most of us – but it might … Continue reading

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Non-existent country takes top freedom spot

Taiwan overtakes Hong Kong as Asia’s beacon of free speech, says a New York Times article. (Renegade Province’s press pick it up, while Carrie Lam’s Greater Bay Area Southern Sector’s government considers issuing a whiny defensive foot-stamping press release in … Continue reading

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Benny Tai forces Beijing to ban free speech in HK

The South China Morning Post does a full-page feature on why the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front in Hong Kong orchestrated a full-blown contrived mass-mouth-froth outrage-frenzy against academic Benny Tai. But it doesn’t really answer the question. The article assumes … Continue reading

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It’s kneeling-on-broken-glass time again…

Chinese media regulators clamp down on tech-media companies for allowing undesirable (vulgar, satirical) content. Toutiao boss Zhang Yiming responds with what would until recently have seemed a shockingly excessive pre-emptive kowtow and self-criticism. His statement – here in its full … Continue reading

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Xi Jinping saves free trade and the world

As Donald Trump’s blundering pushes the world closer to a trade war, Xi Jinping comes to the rescue and nobly opens up China’s economy and embraces a free-market rules-based international order. Alternatively, the devious Communist leader attempts to con the … Continue reading

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