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Can Carrie outdo CY for dislikable-ness?

It would take super-human effort and determination to be a less popular Hong Kong Chief Executive than CY Leung. CY came across as vindictive, creepy, menacing-going-on-Satanic, and most of all, so avidly pro-Communist Party even pro-Communists found it embarrassing. Yet, … Continue reading

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Going off the rails

A few mid-week links with a bias towards trains. Lawfareblog does a good summary of what the High Speed Rail arrangements mean for the Hong Kong legal system. And before we feel too sorry for ourselves, how badly China shafted … Continue reading

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In all fairness…

Time to give credit where it’s due and recognize the hard work of the Hong Kong government’s Stupid Ideas Department. Some time ago, it dreamed up a proposal to recycle some of the vast budget surplus to property owners via … Continue reading

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Yes, but what IS it?

What better way to start the week than with some sort of sneak-preview of the Greater Bay Area Initiative Vision Plan from the South China Morning Post? The paper reports that Vice Premier Han Zheng has approved the Tech/Innovation Integration … Continue reading

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Xi in a rush

Some possibly interesting Friday reading… A dummy’s guide on how you should finance infrastructure in developing countries versus how ‘Belt and Road’ does it. (Basic money stuff – eg, low returns call for long-term debt. Bottom line: if a high-speed rail … Continue reading

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HK to banish tune-mockery menace

Faced with a housing crisis, putrid air, overcrowded hospitals and zombie-factory schools, the Hong Kong government’s number-one priority is obviously to ban lack of respect towards a one-minute piece of music. The new national anthem law will impose hefty prison … Continue reading

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HK govt suddenly loses ability to comment on press stories

The Wall Street Journal yesterday reported that, in its efforts to push Belt and Road projects, the Chinese government will assist a corrupt regime by agreeing to tap and monitor Hong Kong-based journalists investigating the crooked officials concerned. Hong Kong … Continue reading

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Great moments in Belt and Road, cont’d

Like ‘One Country Two Systems’, ‘Belt and Road’ is a vague slogan rather than a concrete structure or strategy. It could be broadly summarized as: Xi Jinping’s visionary Marshall Plan to ‘stitch together’ Eurasia and the Indian Ocean through win-win … Continue reading

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Venerable slogan outlives usefulness

Chairman-of-Everything-for-Life Xi Jinping declares that China must and will annex Taiwan – under threat of military force – under a ‘One Country Two Systems’ model. Taiwan says ‘no thanks’. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post produces a hasty torrent of … Continue reading

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It’s more fun than Pokemon!

Hong Kong’s hot new game for 2019 is ‘Guess the next Mainlandization’. All the family can join in! And you can let your imagination run wild, because the gradual smothering of the city will continue in many forms. Who would … Continue reading

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