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Sympathy for Sir Bow-Tie as self-pity

Hong Kong weeps and sobs upon reading pleas for leniency on behalf of former Chief Executive Donald Tsang, convicted of misconduct. Who cannot feel tears welling as ex-Justice Secretary Wong Yan-lun submits a 10-page letter to the court, and Chief … Continue reading

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HK Police as victims

The conviction of the seven cops who beat Ken Tsang is long-overdue justice in the view of pan-democrats and, in theory, anyone who supports rule of law. To rabid patriots and anti-Occupy protestors, however, the two-year sentences are overly harsh, … Continue reading

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Exclusive interviews reveal candidates’ profundity, wisdom

Contenders in Hong Kong’s phony but nonetheless quirky and entertaining Chief Executive ‘election’ grant exclusive interviews to lucky media outlets. Beijing’s pre-determined winner Carrie Lam does an interview with Bloomberg – an ideal way to reach the more economically literate end of … Continue reading

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Company Gwailo ‘forced to work’ scandal

The next few days – weeks, indeed – are a rush, so this CIA-funded painfully unconvincing ‘rich expat banker’ act will be even more erratic than usual for a while. Just time to note a couple of things. First, all … Continue reading

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Carrie unveils ‘Prelude’

If it was a Valentine’s Day gift, it would be a couple of stale Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a wilted flower yanked from a Leisure and Cultural Services sitting-out area. Carrie Lam, China’s choice for next Hong Kong Chief Executive, … Continue reading

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While you wait for Carrie’s ‘shock and awe’ manifesto…

Hong Kong is in shock after a self-immolation/arson attack on a crowded MTR train put a dozen people in hospital on Friday. (Chief Executive candidate Carrie Lam’s response to the news: “What’s an MTR train?”) Authorities assure the public that … Continue reading

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Almost-sympathy for Carrie

One thing about Hong Kong’s make-believe ‘election’ for Chief Executive: it is unique. In North Korea, dictators enjoy laughable landslides in which they win 99.99% of the vote. In the tragic Philippines, armed thugs have fired at nuns guarding ballot … Continue reading

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Election-riggers admit rigged elections are rigged – shock

Today’s Standard editorial begins with the remarkably candid words: ‘Hong Kong’s chief executive election has always been a charade as the winner is preordained by Beijing.’ While the statement is pure fact, it blatantly contradicts the Chinese and Hong Kong … Continue reading

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CY’s kiss of death

Hong Kong’s soon-to-be-ex- Chief Executive CY Leung attacks hopeful successor John Tsang for one of his vague sort-of policy proposals. Previous quasi-elections in the city do not provide much precedent for such intervention by the incumbent, so it’s a mild … Continue reading

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John’s platform (pass the tissues)

Hong Kong Chief Executive hopeful John Tsang produces his platform. It is a classic exercise in meeting the Chinese government’s conditions on tightening national (ie Communist Party) security and averting democracy, while offering some out-of-the-box fresh policy ideas. The former are … Continue reading

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